Sunday, June 19, 2011

Proton Cons People!

It has been 1 1/2 years since I have updated my blog. I have decided to break the silence today because I am dead bored at work. Yes! Yes! I have finally finished studying and I don't intend to continue at this moment especially not in UNITEN. 7 years is way too long to be there! Its been a good one year so far at work. Learning a lot and making a new circle of friends.

So being a fresh grad, I had not much of choice but to choose our local car manufacturer. I am not complaining about my car as it has served me well the past 2 years...but I don't think I would ever want to get a proton again because they have such poor service. The warranty ended recently and decided to take it to a "kedai bawah pokok" which is how my collegues address it as. When I got there, it was to my horror that the transmission oil which was changed during my last service had a high carbon build-up. The mechanic asked me whether I was sure it was changed and me being the blur me...i said of course la last service tukar. Then he asked me whether i saw them changing it...and i was like...err....saya letak kereta kat service centre lepas habis service, pergi ambil balik. Then he went on saying, do you know at some proton service centre, the bill you for the oil but they don't change it. I was shocked!! Well, I guess at any service centre, be it proton or "kedai bawah pokok"..the moment they see a gal walking into the shop...they will con us into changing everything.

So the moral of the story is
1) not to buy a proton

2) try not to be blur when going to a mechanic shop :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thank God!

One semester has been completed and I have just started my new semester. Looking back, I really thank God for the results He gave me. After completing my studies, everything fell into place perfectly. Although I had different plans but somehow He brought me back in uni and i know He knows whats best.
Being in uni again, made me re-think about a lot of things. Why am I here again? What should I do differently this time? I feel OLD to be back! ahaha. But above all this I began to realize slowly that there is a purpose I'm back. My perception on certain things have been changed for the better and being a more positive person is slowly but surely sinking in.
Without me realizing, I have actually been sharing with quite a number of people. Getting to know people that I would have never got to know if I had left. And I found myself relating to people in a different way. Nevertheless it still makes me feel old!Haha :) It has not only made me widen my group of friends but it has made me realize that its not just us in this place, 'living happily in a bubble'-disassociating the rest.
Listening to them, made me realize that God puts us through troubles for a purpose. Coz if I didn't go through it, I definitely could not relate to them. We may not see it now but sooner or later we will realize it. I miss my group of friends-my comfort zone,my 'bubble' but we are all moving on and have different lives to live. But meeting them back is always good and it just feels like before,no awkwardness,no silence-just full of laughter and good thoughts and kutuk-ings. Everything just clicks and it feels like nothing ever changed.
All in all, when things get tough and when there are times you feel that there is no purpose to be here...and then u speak to a person by coincidence and somehow u made the person feel better...that itself is a purpose of you being placed there...:)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Its been....

Three months since you left this world to be in a better place. I can't believe how fast time flew and it was just when I reminded you what flowers I wanted for convo and before I knew it you were gone...Standing there today,brought back lots of memories. Ones that will be cherished. Life is so fragile and we never know when our time is up.. We who are left to complete our race have to complete it at our best. I'm sure that's what Gary did. There is a loss that we all feel,the passing of our dear friend has changed us all in some way. God gives and God takes in His perfect timing.
This got me thinking about how I usually take things for granted and 'expecting' things to fall in place. We have to be thankful for all the things that He has provided and thankful for all His blessings towards us. Waking up everyday itself is a blessing!
There will be moments where we can't hold our tears back and yet deep down we rejoice knowing that you are in a better place. Its something hard to accept, the parting so soon but knowing that we will all meet again someday comforts us. There will be ups and downs, good days and bad days but through it all we know we serve an AWESOME God.
We lost a dear friend,we miss the time hanging out with him,cheering for he and his football team and getting bullied by him but above all he left this world with a legacy because he lived his life for Jesus. Rest in peace my dear friend...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ups n Downs...

Thinking that I have completed my uni life and got my scroll I would be working somewhere and wouldn't be able to be in uni so often...BUT guess what...somehow I ended up continuing my studies at my beloved university. Something that I never expected to do when I was in degree. It was all about completing it and work....but I guess,above all our plans down here...HE knows whats best for us.
Doing masters is not the same like how it was in degree, I suppose it is because there are many familiar faces and friends who have been with us since foundation. Its a new step altogether and it just feels different. One semester is already coming to an end, I can't believe how fast time flies. And its back to preparing for finals.....oh no.....
I'm not only studying but I'm teaching tuition and I actually enjoy what I'm doing. Its fun to teach and I enjoy the time I have with my students :)...(one group actually found out my blog link~haha..). They are super hyper and they always never fail to make me laugh. There are times when it was so difficult to get through the day but when I'm with them...teaching...and listening to their school stories, it somehow makes me feel better.
Its been a hectic 6months I must say. The moment I completed my final exams for my degree, I started teaching. At first it was just one student....then the number just grew..and grew...and grew...Its a good experience I must say and I like what I do... :)

Friday, February 27, 2009


Its finally over. A much awaited day? I'm not sure about that. But I did want to feel what is it like to be the audience. No tension, no stress......just chilll.....ahaha. Its a good feeling. Even though, I think I'm going to feel sad when I leave but there is like a big sense of relieve. I'm thankful for the people in the current committee and I'm happy and proud to see them take over with a fresh energy and all fired up for Him! **emo moment**

While I type this, I'm telling this particular someone how the semester has passed so fast. Its when were are enjoying is when we don't realize how time passes us by. It has indeed been an exciting semester for me thus far. I still have a few more weeks before it officially ends. Oh noooo....!!! What's next? Work?? Hoping someone would hire me soon....yada yada yada. I bet you hear the same thing from all the final sem students.

Now I'm just focusing on ending my uni life on a high note. And of course finishing my thesis on time...haha...which is at the moment moving sellllloooowwwwwlllllyyyy.......Ok my bed is calling me. Got to go....ciao!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Grad Nite

Its 3.05am and I can't sleep. Just had a COLLLLLDDDD shower after a WONDERFUL nite. It of course started with a rush because I had an exam to go for right before the dinner. The excitement for the dinner was kinda distracted. Anyway, I rushed and did my exam, all because of Grad nite...hahaa...Came back home and showered as fast as I could and waited while mum(yes! my mum came all the way from Kuantan) tied the saree for me *i really should learn how to tie it myself*.

I waited for my date at the Murni guardhouse,Yea rules are rules...guys can't come in, so had to wait there. But the moment I stepped into the car, he suprised me with flowers...I was roses to be specific.He just knew what would make me melt...Then of course we convoyed to the 5/6 star hotel-Palace of the Golden Horses(and some ppl got lost on the way :P). Reached there and went round and round looking for parking...finally got one spot at sum weird leaking area.

When I stepped into the hall, I was amazed. Everyone was so dressed up, and I couldn't recognize some people with all the make up on. I think this is one of those nites where the uni students especially the gals go all out to look their best. The whole nite was fun, I think we were syok sendiri-ing a lot. But well, we are supposed to have fun...and we DID!

After the event, we adjourned to the famous MCD bangi (so says some ppl who practically live there! :P). We laughed and laughed and laughed because we had an entertainer with us. I think Patty had never laughed that much before. All in all it was a nite to remember....coz it was a fun event with fun people...and a sweet date ;)

Here are some pictures from my guessing more would be posted on facebook like really soon...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sao Paolo

The striking color...ORANGE...the color for my favourite teams' jersey this year. Despite of not getting through to the finals, I think they played an awesome game. To me...they are still the best!! (awww....gary should pay me for this)...hahhaaha. Anyway, its so much fun cheering for them especially when we are in a big group. I think the best time was when 'someone' made the banner for them :). I was so stressed during the match that I could feel the heat from my own face...yea..i know scary...but Joshua found it funny. I think its more stressful than having to sit for final exams! I'll be back next year...hopefully...just to watch them...and scream for them! Wohooooo!! Sao Paolo!!!! No 8(is the Man)!!! No 87(runs super fast)!! No 13(dun like to run)!! milin(cekap goal keeper)!!!! weeee......No 9(awesome footwork)!! No 11 n No 1(cun hairstyles)!!No 10(is a pro) you see, this is what us supporters talk about u :)